Free Credit Advice

New Leaf Credit offers free advice on the most important aspects of credit repair. You’ll gain insight and knowledge into the world of credit and learn essential methods to help fix your credit. We’ll also advise you on where to order your credit score and how to improve it with the least amount of hassle. You can become a credit repair professional when you team up with New Leaf Credit.

What is a Credit Report?

Learn critical details about your credit report, such as what type of information is on it and how it impacts your finances and your ability to get a credit card, mortgage or loan. You’ll also find out who provides information to the credit reporting agencies and where to order your free credit report each year.
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What are Credit Scores?

Credit scores are more than just three-digit numbers. They represent practically everything that is known about your financial life on record. This section will give you valuable information on the difference between a credit score and credit report, who determines your credit score and what your credit score means to potential lenders.
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What Determines My Credit Score?

There are a number of determining factors when it comes to generating a credit score. You’ll learn about each factor and what value is assigned to them. You’ll also learn who the Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) is and what they have to do with your credit.
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What can I do to Improve My Credit?

Almost everyone wants to improve their credit but most don’t have the know-how or insight to act. Now you will. Check out our five essential tips on how to improve your credit and start the process of boosting your low credit score today.
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The Impact of My Credit

Your credit report and score impacts every aspect of your financial life – from your ability to get a job, to even qualifying for a cell phone contract. Discover who is looking at your credit score and why. You may be surprised.
Who is looking at my credit score?